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Trade secrets

Confidential information is often a key component of an intellectual property portfolio that offers a strategic competitive advantage to a business. Yet trade secret protection is easily lost if not managed properly. We assist clients with identifying, managing, and protecting their trade secrets. This includes drafting non-disclosure agreements and internal policies and advising on procedures for identifying, documenting and maintaining confidential information within a business. We also litigate trade secret disputes.

Plant Breeders’ Rights

Our professionals are highly skilled in the preparation and prosecution of applications for plant breeders’ rights for protecting new and unique plant varieties.


Combating the proliferation of counterfeit products and grey market goods requires strategic advice. We take a proactive approach, assisting clients with devising best practices for risk reduction solutions and counterfeiting avoidance. Our team regularly advises brand owners in counterfeit disputes in a diverse array of industries. We have experience in securing and executing Anton Piller orders and work closely with all parties necessary to a successful investigation and resolution. We also have experience with complex cross-border anti-counterfeiting lawsuits wherein we work in concert with foreign counsel.

IP Management and Strategic Counselling

An effective intellectual property strategy is imperative for any business. A focused IP strategy cuts across all industries and can create new business partnerships, drive mergers and acquisitions, block competition, and inspire innovation.

Our proven expertise in advising and counselling clients on the development and management of a valuable IP portfolio allows us to fully assess the IP landscape in a creative manner. We also regularly advise clients on the development of internal IP management practices, strategic portfolio development and management, and reviewing and drafting of a variety of IP-related agreements.

Due Diligence

Intellectual property assets and rights are often the most important aspects of business transactions. We work with clients to advise them on all aspects of IP due diligence, including documenting the existence of registered and unregistered IP assets, reviewing licenses, assignments and other IP agreements, assessing the validity and enforceability of IP assets, reviewing chain of title of the IP assets and identifying encumbrances and other risk factors.

We also understand that IP issues do not arise in a vacuum and that clients require sophisticated IP advice that takes into account the business context. We are pragmatic in our approach, and tailor the scope of our analysis to suit the circumstances of the transaction.

IP Audits

An IP audit is a systematic review of a company’s IP assets and related risks and opportunities. IP audits can help assess, preserve, and enhance those assets and identify best practices for IP asset management. A thorough IP audit involves not only a review of a company’s registered and applied-for IP, but also any unregistered IP, related agreements, policies and procedures.

CPST offers a wide range of business and commercial legal services. We understand that IP issues do not arise in a vacuum and that clients require sophisticated IP advice that takes into account the business context.

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